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February 6, 2017
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☆.YOUR JAMAICAN FIX -Mango Room Restaurant Review .☆

Oooh baby when I heard there was a Jamaican spot in Lekki I had to try it, everyone was hyped about it and constantly going on so I had to see for myself.

It was quite hard to find but got there in the end! Here’s my Mango Room experience.

Shop 9 Aaron’s Lekki Mall,
Olubunmi Owa Street
Lekki 1, Lagos
(Ebeano Supermarket road by Lekki British School)

Firstly let me just mention the eat-in and take-away prices are different, I went early afternoon on my own and it would have been quite sad for me to sit inside so I took my food away, it was cheaper anyways and you know I like to save money anyway I can!

What I Got
I got the ‘Brown Stew Chicken & Rice’ which comes with a side of macaroni salad and also 2 dumplings, what’s Jamaican food without dumplings ay!
I’m a bit iffy when it comes to order Rice & Peas at ‘Caribbean’ restaurants in Nigeria cause they are just never authentic (bad experience for another post) So I got my meal with normal rice. The meal was super tasty and a great portion!


The dumplings where literally dumplings, but if you haven’t tasted them before imagine a more savoury puff puff.
I was a bit annoyed at the service, as the attendants were a bit slow and sluggish but we got there in the end and I got my meal.
Brown Chicken Stew & Rice (Takeaway) – 2,800
Dumplings – 500 (Per)
The food was really good I must say, very filling I couldn’t even finish it. I have tried out another Caribbean spot in Lagos and it was TERRIBLE (like I said for another post) but I would definitely recommend Mango Room if you’re looking for a good Caribbean fix!

Rating: 7/10

Go back?


Let me know if you’ve eaten here and what you thought of it.
Till next time…xoxo



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  1. Miwildlife says:

    i have not really tried the jamaican restaurant but this sure Looks more like a local diet. Cool

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