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February 11, 2014
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July 8, 2014
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☆.Inspiration: Help Kelechi Walk!.☆

A while back I had the privilege of meeting a wonderful and warm spirited lady called Kelechi. Its so amazing when you meet people who have been through a lot and can still remain positive, here’s her story below!

I am Kelechi Uhegwu a graduate of zoology, makeup artist and poet. Polio left me paralysed but this had never stopped my zest for life. Right now I need urgent surgery to correct a worsening scoliosis induced curvature in my spine. I am in pains and my body seems to be shutting down as the weight is becoming much on my system. I need N15m for an urgent corrective surgery in the UK and I appeal that you all chip in to help save my life. Any donation could be paid into my account. Kelechi Uhegwu ruth 0008250589 GTB. Thank you.


More pics below



Just a girl finding her way through life one day at a time. <3

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