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November 16, 2012
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November 26, 2012
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☆.D.I.Y Ankara Skirt & OOTN + Ankara Styles.☆

Heyaa guys,

So I’m back with another ankara D.I.Y woop woop! First of all let me once again state that I am far from an expert, I do not use a pattern and pretty much go with the flow!
At first I wanted to create a maxi skirt with the fabric but it didn’t look how I imagined it so I later cut it and made it a midi skirt. So lets get to it shall we =]
What I Used:
+ Sewing Machine
+Tailors Chalk
+Ankara fabric

Heres how I did it

Step 1:
First I made sure the fabric I wanted to use was folded, then using tailors chalk I traced around a skirt I had. Here I use a maxi skirt because I wanted to make a maxi skirt to begin with but changed my mind towards the end.
I drew straight down rather than diagonally
Once I was done this is what I ended up with, a big rectangle ( sorry I didn’t take a picture once it was cut out)
Step 2:
I then pinned the wrong sides of the fabric together ready to sew.
Step 3:
I then sewed along the length of one side of the skirt.
Step 4:
I then hemmed the top of the waist by 1inch all the way round ready to sew and add elastic.
To keep it down I gently pressed along the folded fabric with an iron all the way round
Step 5:
I then tacked it and sewed along the edge but not all the way to the end
Step 6:
After measuring the elastic around my waist (pulling it to achieve the tightness I wanted) I added a safety pin to the and and pulled it through the hemmed waist.
Step 7:
Once that was done I sewed a box stitch to keep both ends securely together.
Step 8
Finally I cut the skirt to my desired length, sewed the other side and then hemmed the bottom
And the RESULTS!
I also made a quick custom bag to go with this outfit. The bag was from Primark
White top: Forever21
Cardigan: H&M
Belt: Primark
Bag: Primark
Earrings: FloGlo Stylez.
My mum wanted to join in on the photoshoot aswell lol
Some of the HOTTT ankara styles I spotted at the party we attended, these girls were working it!!!
For my ankara style ideas be sure to check out my tumblr 
Until next time guys…Peace & God bless
Just a girl finding her way through life one day at a time. <3


  1. Esther says:

    Folaaaa you look like a hotcake… Forreal Ohh and Aunty aswelll
    Awwwww Hot Hot hot
    Love it xx

  2. FollyHoney says:

    Esther me luuv!!! Hehe tenks sis! =] *Blushes* xx

  3. Annette Akye says:

    wow you've done so well! n u r a spitting image of your mum too! nice! but u didnt show how you did the clutch and earrings?

  4. Simone Giles says:

    I love this great post i wish i could sew like you

  5. NikkiSho says:

    OMG!!! you are really good. I love the clutch and earrings. Great job!!! Your mum is beautiful 🙂

  6. FollyHoney says:

    Thank you lol, yea i get that a lot! Ahh the earrings and bangles were from the company in the description. Im sorry, I just used mod podge glue and glued the fabric to the flap of the bag and left it to dry. Hope this helps =] x

  7. FollyHoney says:

    Awww yay thanks girl, you can! Its just the basic skills you need 🙂

  8. FollyHoney says:

    AHHHH 😀 *blushes* thank you soo much! x x

  9. Eve says:

    No only did you make a great outfit but you have the eye for design to do the bracelet and earrings to match! Hot!
    And your Mom looked the bomb too!

  10. Ofure O. says:

    Amazzzzzingg! I'm jealous..I so want that clutch and earrings..Hot..well dne hun..you look smashy btw :)x

  11. FollyHoney says:

    Ofure my luv thanks so much girl! x

  12. FollyHoney says:

    hehehe wow thank you! Aww I will pass on the message to her =] x

  13. Chi-Chi says:

    a great DIY; i really need to put my sewing machine to good use!!

    you look lovely x


  14. Anonymous says:

    really creative xoxo

  15. Mary Goround says:

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