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August 31, 2012
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September 19, 2012
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☆.Protective Style of Last Month: Quick Miko Wig.☆

So I have recently become obsessed with buying wigs just because I see them as an easy go-to protective style on those days you feel like doing nothing to your hair.  My protective style for last month was the Miko wig.

The wig was purchased from paks for around £23 in colour T33B.

So I started with my braid pattern which was just a simple all back style (doesn’t have to be neat)



Then I just put the wig on top, as you can tell by my interesting face I was not really feeling the look, I decided to wait to the next day and see how I was feeling.


So the next morning I got all dolled up 😉 and tried to like it..



I just didn’t feel it suited me this way so I pulled it back a bit and decided to wear it as a half wig..


RESULT! With the help of a few bobby pins this is how I ended up with my new protective style.

Some pics below from how the hair looked after a week or so…As you can tell Im really feeling myself ;), we tenk God we tenk God!






Let me leave you with a video on my style and how I install the wig 🙂

Until next time guys…Peace & God bless


Just a girl finding her way through life one day at a time. <3


  1. Ofure O. says:

    oh woow..it suits you so well..luv it
    btw! I nominated u for a liebester award 🙂
    check it out on my blog here ..


  2. FollyHoney says:

    Thanks a lot hun!
    Aww wow I really appreciate it I will definitely check it out 🙂

  3. Eve says:

    Wow, that wig is nice, it looks very stylish. I wear wigs sometimes to let my hair rest, but at the moment I'm rocking long box braids 😀

  4. FollyHoney says:

    Yess it is a wig lol thank you. Wigs are definitely a great protective style I feel you hehe….OOh braids I might do that next 🙂 x

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