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July 2, 2011
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☆.Dirty Secret – What is Nigerian Cinema Turning Into?.☆

I am seriously concerned about the rate in which Nigerian Cinema’s are churning out pornographic movies…I recently watched the film ‘Dirty Secret 1& 2’ and let me just say this is more than a dirty secret….

Credits below:
Story/ Screenplay – Chisom Juliet Okereke
Director – Theodore Anyanji
Producer – Kingsley Okereke
Tonto Dikeh – Pandora
Muna Obiekwe – Ken
Maryann Apollo – Florence
Ajibola Dabo
Artus Frank
Pope Stan
Ejine Okoroafor


Dirty Secret A professional gigolo(Muna Obiekwe) gets involved with a girl(Tonto Dikeh) whom is carnally involved with her father Chief Otumba(Ajibola Daba) a politician who marries a second wife to take advantage of her influence to boost his political carrer. With the introduction of the gigolo into the family every one wants to have a common share of him not excluding Chief Otumba himself.
(Source: NaijaPals.com)

 My Review
I don’t know where this sudden excitement for soft porn films has come from within the WestAfrican film industry, first it was Ghana with Hot Fork (2010) & 4play (2010) and now Nigeria has decided to embrace this nonsense.
This film not only touches on some delicate and sensitive themes but it does not do it in a tasteful way at all! Don’t get me wrong we can’t hide from these issues as things like this do go on in life but it is different when films try to teach you consequences to wrong and sick actions and not just try and glamorise sex!
In the film we witness the incest relationship between a father and his daughter and then also the sick relationship between the father daughter and the daughters boyfriend. I am sure that we are aware this is a new craze running through African cinema, the idea of homosexuality and although it may be happening in society these films present the idea that this is the new ‘cool’ thing.
I could not even get to the end of the film as i was sooo disgusted at what the film was turning into, i did not even see any legitimate reason for the chosen storyline and i was just in shock.
Fair enough if the movie ratings where something that was paid close attention too but we both know that it is possible for any person any age group to get there hands on all Nigerian movies, so what i wanna know is what message are we trying to send to people?
 Aside from movies like this there have been some good films that have made me feel proud to be Nigerian but the problem here is that these movies will not get as much limelight as controversial ones.
Positive Side
I have to commend Maryann Apollo for her superb acting, anyone can read some lines but the way this women delivered it was extremely realistic and believable. When she discovered her husband was sleeping with her sister her reaction truly showed how repulsed she was, i don’t think she could have done any better. As usual Tonto Dikehs acting was on point aswell.
The first part of the movie was interesting also and unlike the typical Nigerian way part 1 actually ended on a cliffhanger making me want to tune into part two (Oh how I wish I didn’t lol).
Expect more reviews from me, until next time =].
Just a girl finding her way through life one day at a time. <3


  1. Folly B says:

    oh wow, so this is the new route nollywood is taking? incest and homosexuality all combined into one…smh.
    It's great you reviewing these films hun!

  2. FollyHoney says:

    thanks hun sorry just saw your reply now hehe….much more reviews to come! 🙂 x

  3. Anonymous says:

    THe problem with Nigeria Movie makers is that they are not artist..they are traders/biz people whose only interest is the profit, Even in Europe and USA homosexualism is not exibited in cinema, it just wont sell, Hollywood gay actors stay in the closet cos onces they are out..so is their carrers! As africans, its a shame that we have lost all sense of originality, we showcase all sorts of offensive, disturbing materials in home videos…is there no censors board in Nigeria…this is not right! pls protect the innocence of our children…they have enough to deal with growing up without this crap!! smh

  4. FollyHoney says:

    Exactly thank you so much for your input!! (sorry for the late reply)

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